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Heart Support Group


Given our experience of  last ten years working with patient suffering with heart diseases we have realised that  problem is so gigantic that  our help is jusy drop in ocean. There is so much to do and to take care and provide relief these millions of heart patients , enough to want to change it, to do something, YOU CAN. The Concept

Your heart is a tireless organ. It keeps on ticking from birth  to the end. In fact its activity starts much earlier in mother’s womb and supports still to be born baby. The heart keeps on working day in & out pumping fresh blood to your body keeping you alive with no complaints. You jog, run, loose your temper &  your hear adjusts and pumps faster. In any crisis body faces, heart is there to support. Such a wonderful organ God has gifted us.

  • Have you ever thought, how to keep it healthy.
  • Have you ever thought, How to support by taking its burden off its back.
  • Have you ever though that it can also become  sick.

Healthy hearts can become sick by catching infections, when loaded with fats, or by birth or can loose their rhythm in elderly.

To keep heart healthy  & mend sick hearts Healthy Hearts Support group was founded.
The support group is guided by experts & professionals who help you :

  • Understand the functions of heart and healthy ways to keep it fit.
  • Who help you analyze your life style &  corrections required.
  • Who help you guiding changes in life style suitable to your environment.
  • Who help people  suffering from heart disease in understanding it for its treatment and after care.
  • After care following heart attack, bypass surgery or valve replacement surgery requires intelligence, perseverance and knowledge of  complications and their scientific management.
  • Support group  provides platform in exchange and sharing of ideas, views, and other patients suffering from same for treatment modalities and non-medical support.
  • Support group helps, identifying problem zones in patient and ideal modalities of correction.

Join the group  and  attend it’s monthly meetings, seminars, read the education material  on heart and its diseases and get benefited to live a healthy life with healthy heart.

Supporter / Provider

Healthy Heart Support Group’s activities are supported by Jain Heart care Foundation, as its commitment towards Heart disease treatment. Jain Heart Care Foundation is a non government and non profit charity organization working solely for heart disease patients. Part of its funds are utilized for Heart  Support  Group.
The foundation is registered  under the Bombay Public trust Act 1950 & donations are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G.

Membership scheme for Heart Support Group
Who can become a member ?

Virtually anybody apart from the patients suffering from Heart disease :

  • Those who have had heart attack or suffering from angina.
  • Who have undergone PTCA / CABG.
  • Who plan to undergo PTCA / CABG.
  • Who have heart valve disease or have undergone  heart valve replacement  operation for after care.
  • Any other patient who has abnormal Lipid Profile / HT / Rhythm Disease or any other heart disease.